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GBP/JPY Price Outlook

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by , 05-17-2019 at 10:49 AM (159 Views)
Negative Break to The Downside

Since early Jan GBP/JPY has been trading to the upside from the higher-high created on Jan 25 at 144.84, to Feb 7 higher low at 141.01. On Feb 25 the pair opened with an exhaustion gap indicating that the uptrend would end soon.
GBP/JPY started to correct this movement on April 3 carving a lower high at 147.20 and a higher low on April 9 at 144.78, then to start a bearish movement creating on April 12 another lower high at 147.01 with a lower low on April 25 at 143.76.

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On May 6 bearish momentum gained strength when the price opened with a breakaway downside gap, starting a sell-off so the price closed on May 10 at 142.98. On Monday GBP/JPY opened with a measuring gap at 142.77 encouraging the pair to move further to the downside breaking below the levels mentioned in last week article 141.90 and the 141.04 140.94 zone.


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