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  1. AUD/JPY Technical Analysis - bearish ranging within narrow levels

    by , 05-19-2016 at 05:41 PM
    Daily price is on bearish market condition located below Ichimoku cloud and Senkou Span line which is the virtual border between the primary bearish and the primary bullish on Ichimoku chart. The price is on ranging within narrow s/r levels waiting for direction.

    If the price will break 78.16 support level so the primary bearish trend will be continuing.
    If the price will break 80.64 resistance level so the local uptrend as the secondary rally within the primary bearish condition ...
  2. CAD/JPY Technical Analysis - bullish market condition with the ranging on the bearish reversalon

    by , 05-19-2016 at 01:30 PM
    Daily price is located near and above Ichimoku cloud for the bullish market condition with the ranging on the bearish reversal.

    If H4 price will break 82.63 support level so the bearish reversal of the daily price movement will be started.
    If H4 price will break 85.44 resistance level so the primary bullish trend will be continuing.
    If not so the price will be ranging within the levels.

  3. EURUSD Intra-Day Technical Analysis - After FOMC Breakdown

    by , 05-19-2016 at 08:19 AM
    H4 price is on breakdown for trying to cross 1.1210 support level from above to below on close H4 bar for the bearish breakdown to be continuing.

    • Chinkou Span line is located to be below the price indicating the bearish breakdown.
    • Absolute Strength indicator is estimating the bearish market condition to be continuing in the near future.

    Resistance Support
  4. EUR/USD Price Action Analysis - 61.8% Fibo support level at 1.1367 to be crossed for correction

    by , 05-11-2016 at 03:44 PM
    D1 price is located above 200 period SMA and 100 period SMA for the primary bullish market condition with the secondary ranging within Fibo resistance level at 1.1615 and Fibo support level at 1.1214:

    • 61.8% Fibo support level at 1.1367 is going to be crossed by the price from above to below for the secondary correction to be started;
    • RSI indicator is estimating the ranging bullish condition in the near future.

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    If the price will ...
  5. GBP/CAD Weekly Outlook - moved within the channel of the levels to be inside weekly ranging area

    by , 05-05-2016 at 11:57 AM
    Weekly price is on ranging market condition located within 100 SMA/200 SMS ranging area waiting for direction. The price is testing Fibo support level at 1.8101 to below for the reversal of the price movement from the ranging bullish to the primary bearish market condition.

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    Resistance Support
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