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Heiken Parabolic Trading System

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by , 09-03-2021 at 06:19 PM (158 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by newdigital View Post
I changed the pair and timeframes.
Fow now:
  • Heiken Parabolic Histo trading system by indicators and template (look at the previous post for the links to download);
  • M1 timeframe;
  • cryptos: DOGE/USD (Dogecoin/USD) H1 timeframe and and DUSH/USD M30 timeframe;
  • I am using Multiple OP 600+ script with default setting (download this script from the previous post).

It is some results for trading:

One more pair was added.
Fow now:
  • DOGE/USD (Dogecoin/USD) H1 timeframe,
  • DUSH/USD M30 timeframe;
  • LTC/USD M30 timeframe.

Starting with 100 dollars deposit:

Name:  ltcusd-m30-cryptorocket-limited.png
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Name:  dogeusd-h1-cryptorocket-limited.png
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Name:  dashusd-m30-cryptorocket-limited.png
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