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  1. Cycle analysis using the Goertzel algorithm

    by , 08-28-2023 at 01:14 AM
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    The Goertzel algorithm is a digital signal processing technique known for its efficiency in detecting particular frequency components. Its precision, real-time abilities, and computational efficiency make it suitable for financial time series analysis. In this article we will examine and demonstrate practical ways in which the method can be used to analyze dominant cycles for possible strategy development. We will take a look at the implementation of ...
  2. Economic Calendar tools

    by , 08-18-2023 at 01:00 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by khyzee View Post
    is this indicator sitll active? it wont work for me guys. please help
    The following indiucators are active now (by the way, the news indicators/EA are working when the market is open, but the market is close during the weened and the price is not moved because of that) -

    IN10TION NewsReader indicator is on this thread (first post of the thread). This is updated version for the new MT4 (build 600 and above).
    The version (9.99v) for the old MT4 build 509 is on ...
  3. Creating Graphical Panels Became Easy in MQL5

    by , 08-17-2023 at 01:56 AM
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    MQL5 provides developers with a lot of helpful tools that can be used to ease the process of coding and get things done effectively with saving time and effort. An example of these helpful tools is that we have many libraries or classes in the MQL5 that can be used to code a lot of applications without building the code of these applications from scratch. From these libraries or classes, Panels and Dialogs for example. In this article we learn how we
  4. Improve Your Trading Charts With Interactive GUI's in MQL5 (Part II): Movable GUI (II)

    by , 08-08-2023 at 01:59 AM
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    Welcome to the second part of this series. In the first part, we discussed how to create a simple, movable dashboard. This second part aims to achieve the same objective, but in a more efficient way that's suitable for full-fledged EA/Indicator applications.