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UniZigZag EA

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by , 08-07-2023 at 01:41 AM (261 Views)
The copy of post #31 (about the settings and how to install):

Quote Originally Posted by newdigital View Post
I installed UniZigZagTrader_v1.4 600+ EA (just to check how it works for example).

UniZigZagTrader_v1.4 600+ EA is on this post. This is the updated EA with the set file (with the settings) which uses the UniVolumeDelta levels breakout like a trigger.


How to Install (step by step)

  • UniZigZagTrader_v1.4 600+ EA is on the post #1307 with set file (the settings) for EUR/USD M5 timeframe (or we can use UniZigZagTrader_v1.4 eurusdm5 600+ EA with default settings) and with the following indicators:
    - UniVolumeDelta_v1.6ea 600+ indicator from post #1307
    - UniZigZagChannel_v2.3ea 600+ indicator from post #4

  • compile UniZigZagTrader_v1.4 eurusdm5 600+ EA, UniVolumeDelta_v1.6ea 600+ indicator and UniZigZagChannel_v2.3ea 600+ indicator in MetaEditor;
  • place unizigzag14_eurusd_m5.tpl file in template folder;
  • open EURUSD chart M5 timeframe, right mouse click on any space of the chart - Template, select unizigzag14_eurusd_m5 template by name and apply.


If we did this installation in right way so the EURUSD chart will looks like that:


EA with indicators and template are attached to this post (in zip archive): post #31


By the way, according to the post #4 - we can play with RiskFactor.
RiskFactor = 0 by default in this settings, but we can use 0.05 value (proposed by Igorad), or we can insrease this value for example.


The only problem with this EA may be the following: big floating drawdown on open trades.
Anyway - we will see ..
The broker deleted some part of the history from the account so it is not very representative data.
Slowly going but profitable anyway:

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