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  1. New MetaTrader 5 Platform build 2755: Popup Prices window and Debugger improvements

    by , 01-17-2021 at 02:30 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by matfx View Post
    The MetaTrader 5 platform update released on Friday, January the 15th, 2021. The new version features the following changes:

    1. Terminal: Revised Popup Prices window which allows viewing financial symbol prices on any screen size.

    The window now supports multi-column presentation, enabling the efficient utilization of screen space. To switch the display mode, use the window properties dialog.

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  2. FractalCloudSystem Indicator MT4

    by , 01-11-2021 at 02:50 PM
    FractalCloudSystem Indicator was created for Premium Forums. It is complete trading system that has trend buy/sell signal, deep correction signal and so on.

    To download this indicator you need to sign up as premium section forums member.

    Name:  XAUUSDH4_FractalCloudSystem.jpg
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  3. DB Strategy For MetaTrader 4

    by , 12-23-2020 at 08:18 AM
    DB Strategy Indicator was created for premium trading forums based on famous "Decision Bars" trading strategy introduced by Les Schwartz.

    The DB_Strategy_v4.8 indicator with ability to plot the Trader's Pivots and the arrow descriptions with all kind of alerts. Subscribe premium trading forum to download it.

    Name:  DB_Strategy.jpg
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  4. Donchian Breakout System v1.1.2 Indicator MT4

    by , 12-01-2020 at 02:25 PM
    This is advance Donchian Channel Indicator with ability to analyze trade breakout based on Donchian Breakout System. The indicator comes with various setting and an Expert advisor also already created for this system.

    Be sure to subscribe Premium Trading Forums in order to download it.

    Chart example how the indicator looks like:

    Name:  EURUSDH1_DonchianBreakout.jpg
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  5. Trend Quality Indicators

    by , 11-25-2020 at 08:07 AM
    Trend Quality Indicators was introduced by David Sepiashvili feature in Stocks & Commodities V. 22:4 (14-20).

    Both UniTrendQuality indicator and UniTrendNoiceBalance indicator used to detect and determine trend estimation of financial instruments.

    Indicators can be found at here Trend Quality Indicators and make sure you have subscribe to premium section forums to download it.

    Chart example of UniTrendQuality indicator and UniTrendNoiceBalance ...
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