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  1. One More Holy Grail - ExFit Color indicator

    by , 05-18-2014 at 06:18 AM
    Please check out the updated ExFit Color indicator with advanced popup/email alert.

    extern int     Price             =   0;      //Price Mode (0...6) 
    extern int     Length            =  25;      //Period of Smoothing
    extern int     Order             =   2;      //Fitting Order
    extern double  WeightFactor      =   2;      //WeightFactor(eg. 2-EMA,1-Wilder) 
    extern int     Window            = 500;      //Window size in bars
    extern string  alerts
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  2. US Dolla Weekly Outlook: 2014, May 18 - 25

    by , 05-17-2014 at 09:56 AM
    US Dollar Rally Will Stall Without a Spark

    Fundamental Forecast for Dollar: Neutral

    • Though US Treasury yields were in retreat this past week, the move does not likely reflect fading Fed expectations
    • There is limited impetus from the docket for a big ‘risk’ breakout this week, but a surge in sentiment doesn’t require data

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    The US Dollar managed to turn a close call test of 14-month lows into an impressive rebound ...
  3. Once Europe's lead preacher of budget prudence, Finland loses righteousness

    by , 05-12-2014 at 08:34 AM
    (Reuters) - Vesa Vihavainen is worried. Merivaara, his Finnish-based hospital bed-making business, is struggling - just like the economy that Finns once held up to debt-laden Greeks as a model of what national thrift can achieve.

    Weak sales mean Merivaara has had to lay off staff as Finland fails to find an exit from a two-year recession. That spiral of lost jobs and income is also wrecking the country's cherished reputation for sound public finances.

    Finland's school-masterly ...
  4. RSI Tactics For Forex Trends

    by , 05-12-2014 at 05:14 AM
    RSI Tactics For Forex Trends

    • RSI is a momentum oscillator that can help pinpoint market trends
    • RSI can stay overbought for extended periods in an uptrend
    • Indicator divergence can signal changes in momentum as well as entry signals

    RSI is a momentum oscillator that has become a staple for technicians across markets. While most traders may know how to read RSI, there are some tactics that can be employed for trending markets. Today we will continue our ...
  5. Trading Video: Weighing Bigger EURUSD, GBPUSD Reversals Next Week

    by , 05-12-2014 at 02:09 AM
    Trading Video: Weighing Bigger EURUSD, GBPUSD Reversals Next Week

    • EURUSD has shown monetary policy may be more than capable for leveraging volatility and trend
    • Risk trends remain a constant concern as the claims of 'bubble' growth, but we must follow active roads
    • Data in the week ahead promises substantial rate/stimulus speculation for the Dollar, Euro and Pound

    Speculators' interest in overwrought risk trends is intensifying as talk of bubbles is even infecting ...
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