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Game Tech News - The best free games on the PS4

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by , 09-28-2014 at 10:57 AM (1500 Views)
The best free games on the PS4

A few weeks ago, we went through and picked out twenty of the best free and free-to-play PC games available. After a few days of full-on F2P immersion, we started thinking about free games on other platforms. After all, the free-to-play model has expanded well beyond the PC and itís now an important part of the gaming ecosystem.

The selection of free-to-play games on the PS4 is no where near as vast as the selection on the PC, but thatís to be expected. That business model is still relatively new to consoles, and the PS4 itself is still less than a year old. Even so, there are still plenty of good times to be had without opening up your wallet.
To get started, I went to PSN, and downloaded all six of the free-to-play games available. After a few dozen gigs trickled slowly into my console, I was ready to go. I explored all of the free-to-play goodness to get a feel for the value proposition, and I captured some footage on the PS4 itself while I was at it. Embedded above is a short video I made to show off what you can expect from these games, and I think youíll be pleasantly surprised by what you see. None of these titles could be described as breathtaking, but I was happy to see how polished these games look despite their price tags.

If youíre in the market for a first-person shooter on your new console, you need to download Blacklight Retribution right away. With persistent unlocks, character levels, and customizable load-outs, this is very similar to the Call of Duties of the world. The biggest difference? You donít have to pay a dime to play Blacklight. Sure, you can buy guns and XP boosts with real money, but the core gameplay is completely free. If youíre on the fence about investing in the same old franchises this year, give this a go before you drop $60 on something you might hate.

DC Universe Online

How about something a little more exotic? DC Universe Online is a full-scale MMORPG thatís designed from the ground-up to work on a console. The game originally came out on the PC and PS3, but the PS4 release brings this comic book-themed MMO to a whole new audience. Unsurprisingly, Sony offers plenty of convenience perks and content packs in the cash shop, but thatís only needed for serious enthusiasts. If you just want to jump in, and play the part of your own custom super hero, DC Universe Online has a lot to offer for thrifty gamers.


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