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Brainwashing - Renko iTrend system

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by , 06-15-2014 at 11:29 PM (1900 Views)
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Hi Newdigital,
is this indicators and system can be used on Renko Chart . Thank you
I just took 2 indicators for this idea :

Those 2 indicators are from premium section and working with MT4 build 600+.

Yes, this idea may work but it should be different rules for this Renko iTrend system :

Name:  usdchf-m30-ibfx-inc-2.png
Views: 356
Size:  24.5 KB

Name:  eurusd-m15-ibfx-inc-4.png
Views: 152
Size:  25.3 KB

Name:  eurusd-m30-ibfx-inc.png
Views: 154
Size:  27.3 KB

Name:  eurusd-m30-ibfx-inc-2.png
Views: 160
Size:  26.4 KB

Name:  usdchf-m30-ibfx-inc.png
Views: 161
Size:  32.1 KB

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