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  1. Chart Patterns for Futures/Equities/Options/Forex Traders

    by , 01-27-2019 at 01:39 PM
    Chart Patterns for Futures/Equities/Options/Forex Traders

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  2. Trading a Triangle Breakout

    by , 07-29-2014 at 01:19 AM
    Talking Points:

    • The AUDUSD is trading in an ascending triangle
    • With the absence of a new high, traders can wait for a breakout
    • The triangle low and high can be used to extrapolate price targets

    At some point, market trends will come to an end. These market transitions can be difficult for those that are used to using a directional market to make trading decisions. These market conditions donít have to spell disaster for traders however. Those traders that can properly ...
  3. Latest News in Premium Trading Forum - UniOceanNST_v1 indicator

    by , 06-27-2014 at 01:27 AM
    Ocean Theory Tools


    UniOceanNST_v1 indicator was created for Premium Trading Forum. This is one more indicator - MTF UniOceanNST(Ocean Natural Stochastic) which should be considered a somewhat more sensitive gauge of market activity than NDX, and thus is more prone to signaling extremes in the market. This quality, when combined with the stability of NDX offers a powerful combination of tools to anticipate likely turning points (or pauses) in the ...
  4. Free to Download - updated BBands Stop Histo indicator for the new MT4

    by , 06-17-2014 at 01:33 AM
    Please check out the updated BBands_Stop and BBands_Stop Histo indicators for the new MT4.

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