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  1. China Gross Domestic Product (GDP) trading by NewsTrader EA

    by , 04-17-2019 at 12:54 PM
    This is China GDP news event today -

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  2. NewsTrader EA: Trading UK GDP news event by NewsTrader EA

    by , 01-28-2016 at 12:04 PM
    Trading UK GDP news event by NewsTrader EA

    2016-01-28 09:30 GMT | [GBP - GDP]

    • past data is 2.1%
    • forecast data is 1.9%
    • actual data is 1.9% according to the latest press release

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  3. Trading the News: U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

    by , 06-25-2014 at 10:01 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by TheNews View Post
    - U.S. Final 1Q GDP Print to Show Another Downward Revision/Larger Contraction.
    - 1.8% Decline Would Mark the Biggest Drop Since 1Q 2009 (-5.4%).

    Trading the News: U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

    The final 1Q Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report may heighten the bearish sentiment surrounding the U.S. dollar as market participants anticipate another downward revision in the growth rate.

    What’s Expected:

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  4. GBP/USD: Forex Trading Online Signals – June 23, 2014

    by , 06-23-2014 at 06:54 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by BrokersMinutes View Post
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    GBP/USD has recently made a strong convincing forex trading online break past its yearly highs at the 1.7000 major psychological level, indicating a continuation of the long-term rally. However, price has retreated back to the 1.7000 area after reaching highs past the 1.7060 levels.

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    Stochastic is also exhibiting a bearish divergence, which indicates forex trading online trend exhaustion. The technical
  5. Latest News in Premium Trading Forum - JurikBands_v3 indicator

    by , 06-23-2014 at 01:08 AM
    Jurik Tools


    JurikBands_v3 indicator was created for Premium Trading Forum. This is the famous Jurik Spandex Bands with MTF and period of smoothing features.

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