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Watch Feist Rumbl Video

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by , 07-16-2017 at 12:45 PM (273 Views)
Feist duels her doppelgänger beneath a bridge in the captivating new video for "Century." The song appears on her most recent album, Pleasure. The clip also features a cameo from former Pulp singer, Jarvis Cocker.

The Scott Cudmore-directed clip recalls the Jets vs. Sharks rumbles in West Side Story, with Feist and her lookalike circling each other and singing the "Century" lyrics like jabs. Eventually, two rival crews converge around them, pumping their shoulders and snapping their fingers menacingly until a full brawl breaks out. In the middle of the big closing dance routine, Cocker appears in a black turtle neck, reciting a poem about time.


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