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Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis

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by , 07-13-2019 at 02:52 PM (850 Views)
Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis: A modern treatment of Hurst's original system of financial market analysis

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In 2011 the work of J. M. Hurst, considered by many as the father of modern cyclic analysis, enjoyed sudden and renewed interest by the trading community. This translated into several works approaching Hurst's methods from three different angles.

Just as stated by the author, it will help readers get a better grasp and understanding of Hurst's work, at a fraction of the the cost of his original private course. It will even provide buyers with the relevant code for Tradestation and Updata. This way, if you're tech savvy and already own one of these charting packages, or don't mind the additional investment needed to use them, you will be able to experiment further with the concepts covered in the book. Since it contains the code for all the different cycles, channels and other indicators, the author spares the reader the math details of Hurst's work, which may be for the best, since this has always been one of the stumbling blocks in applying Hurst's methods.

The self-proclaimed goal of the author is to lead the reader to a stage where he can perform his own cyclic analysis. The bottom line is that how well you master Hurst's methods after reading this book, as with so many other things in life and trading, will depend solely on how much work you're willing to put into experimenting with the concepts.

The book ends with a concise summary of the different theories explaining the causes of cycles, which should stimulate even further research into this fascinating subject.

Mr Grafton mentions the Sentient Trader software, by David Hickson, which covers similar ground. The author of that software has, understandably, undertaken a different approach: there is no code sharing, but instead a sleek black box, which generates trading signals based on Hurst's original work.

There is also the OddsTrader app, by CIT Dates, which is currently the only mobile app that allows users to chart Hurst channels and to use them as the basis for several different trading strategies. It even includes a built-in risk management and position sizing tool.

In summary, if you're interested in cycles and cyclic analysis, there has hardly been a better time for delving into and exploring the subject.

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