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Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire

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by , 08-22-2019 at 12:30 PM (1158 Views)
Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire
by Dan Conway

This book is NOT a cryptocurrency guide or a Bitcoin manual. It is the story of how an underdog, badly scarred by his battles with life, fights for survival...and comes back in a big way: Dan Conway made millions investing in the cryptocurrency Ether.

The book comes out on September 9th and I advise you to consider pre-ordering it now. Why? Well, first because it’s on pre-order special and only costs $2.99 for the ebook...but more importantly because you’ll find that it contains useful work and life lessons.

The book reads like a memoir. The opening chapters provide context for the author’s loneliness and struggles. He confesses to his family struggles and work problems with incredible vulnerability. He exposes his battle with alcohol, drugs and depression. Then he explains why crypto made sense for him.

Conway didn’t get addicted to crypto out of greed. He got “hooked” out of principle. The idea behind cryptocurrency is that decentralization produces better results than our current societal model: corporations and governments hold most of the power and make rules for the rest of us . Crypto is something different. Its #1 principle is that “currency is owned and controlled by the people, not by any central authority.”

Conway didn’t work for a bank. He worked for one of those large corporations whose culture was punctuated by politics, bureaucracy and propaganda. This made matters worse. Conway became increasingly suspicious of the “gatekeepers and rule makers” that rule our lives. He grew wary of their power and how they could affect our privacy and personal liberty. His experience is reminiscent of what Neo’s situation might have felt like in “The Matrix”.

For Conway, crypto was only partly about the money. It was also about finding liberation and salvation. And crypto hit him at his core. My favorite quote: “It turns out,'' he says, “that my entire identity had prepared me for crypto”.

How do you feel about crypto now?!

If you don’t know anything about crypto and want to get a decent explanation before reading this book, watch John Oliver’s take on it below (the “Dan” he refers to in it, is NOT the book’s author).

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