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  1. Lego announced new Super Mario 2021 sets

    by , 11-19-2020 at 04:40 PM
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    Lego announced new Super Mario 2021 sets on Tuesday that include a new Maker Set, three Expansion Packs, two Power-Up packs and an entirely new line of character packs to collect, all hitting stores on Jan. 1, 2021.

    What makes this Lego release extra interesting is the new Lego Super Mario Master Your Adventure Maker Set. It's a creative toolbox that allows builders to completely customize Lego Super Mario building and ways to earn coins. ...
  2. Apple iPhone 12 Pro's four cameras for serious photographers

    by , 10-16-2020 at 01:15 PM

    Apple's iPhone Pro phones get new camera abilities, including a bigger image sensor, a faster main camera lens, improved image stabilization, a lidar sensor for low-light autofocus and a longer-reach telephoto lens on the iPhone Pro Max.

    Apple's iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini add significant new photography features, ...
  3. Apple is right around the corner with the iPhone 12

    by , 10-07-2020 at 02:22 PM

    Sorry to Samsung, Verizon, T-Mobile and everyone else in the mobile industry trying to make 5G a thing. The next-generation wireless technology still needs a cheerleader who can break through ...
  4. TikTok rejects Microsoft

    by , 09-14-2020 at 12:34 PM
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    After over a month of negotiations, TikTok has chosen a US company to partner with: Oracle, a California-based cloud computing giant.

    On Sunday Microsoft, long tapped to purchase the ByteDance-owned app, announced its bid had been rejected by the Beijing-based company. ByteDance instead selected Oracle to be its "technology partner" in the US, a person familiar with the situation said on Sunday evening. The proposed deal is expected ...
  5. The best Android tablet for 2020

    by , 09-13-2020 at 11:26 AM
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    If you're in the market for a new tablet, it's easy to automatically opt for Apple's iPad (including the iPad Mini and iPad Air) and to overlook the Android tablet option, especially as fewer and fewer manufacturers are making them these days. While that may seem unfair, there are several Android tablets on the market that are doing their best to rival the Apple iPad.

    While some might question the sanity of an Android tablet buyer in ...
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