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  1. Bitcoin Predictions & Facebook Libra

    Bitcoin Predictions, Facebook Libra and Market Analysis: Key Points Covered in this Podcast:


    - Why Bitcoin beats the crypto pretenders as the only viable store of value
    - The pros...
  2. Foundations of Technical Analysis: Managing Risk

    See these tools & methodology used in practice, Join Michael for his Weekly Strategy Webinar on Monday mornings.
    In this bi-weekly webinars series on the Foundations of Technical Analysis, we...
  3. The USD/JPY Tests Support at 113.46

    Talking Points

    The USDJPY has Declined 52 Pips in Early Trading
    Bearish Breakouts Begin Under 113.14


    The USD/JPY is trading near values of support after declining as much as 52...
  4. How Many Pips Should We Target Per Day?

    Talking Points:

    Targeting X amount of pips per day is unrealistic.
    We should instead focus on diligently following our strategy.
    Trading with an edge using limited leverage should yield a...
  5. Projecting Price Targets with Point & Figure Charts from Breakouts

    Talking Points:

    Why Use Price Targets
    Price Targets on 1-Box vs. 3-Box P&F Charts
    What Targets Should You Ignore?

    “Wishful thinking must be banished.”
    “I did precisely the wrong...
  6. Understanding Point & Figure Charts Part I of IV

    Talking Points:
    -The History of Point & Figure Charts
    -Why Traders Use Point & Figure Charts
    -The Construction of Point & Figure Charts

    The Point & Figure or P&F charts are unique to every...
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