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  1. Silverfest conference

    On September 11-13, Chris joined Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics and some of the top...
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    Crude Oil - Daily Bearish Breakdown; 39.29 is the key



    Breakdown in Crude Oil sparks talk of sub $30 price targets.
    Initial support likely near $32 to $33.
    Predictive Modeling suggests deeper price lows may be...
  3. Will Bonds Continue To Be a Safe In The Future?
    September 2, 2020

    Chris speaks with Jim Goddard about gold, silver, bonds, interest rates, and whether we...
  4. Everything You Need to Know About Silver


    Listen to Chris talk with Jim about Silver on Silver Radio. Chris and Jim explore the effect on Silver prices if a Black Swan event occurs, potential bullion shortage. They also talk about...
  5. The sudden collapse of Pending Home Sales

    The sudden collapse of Pending Home Sales as a result of theCOVID-19 virus event should not have come as any surprise to skilled technicalinvestors. Don’t misread this data –there are still homes...
  6. The Big Move In Silver May Be Right Now

    A. Silver is often an overlooked “little cousin” to other precious metals like Gold and Platinum. Many traders would rather trade/acquire Gold vs. Silver.
    B. When a crisis begins to happen, both...
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    In 2019, we predicted a major Super-Cycle event would takeplace on or near August 19, 2019. Webelieved this event would prompt a major downside price rotation that wouldprompt a shift in how capital...
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    Sticky: Bitcoin Trades Like the S&P 500

    If you pay attention to the trends taking place on the Weekly Bitcoin chart, you’ll notice that it has reacted to the global market Covid-19 trends almost exclusively since the beginning of 2020. ...
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    Sticky: Q1 GDP Data Masking The True Global Economic Future?

    Total World GDP Output

    The total world GDP output was approximately $190 trillion. An estimated 15% to 20% global GDP contraction as a result of the Covid-19 virus event would shave $28.5 to...
  10. Crude Oil Collapses Overnight On Supply Glut And Fractal Analysis Say $7 is Support

    Crude Oil continues to be a big mover as the supply glut hasreally pushed global capacity to its limits. Dozens of full tanker ships areanchored off the California and Singapore coastlines waiting...
  11. Gold on the Cusp of Reaching $2,100


    Chris Vermeulen, CEO & Founder of Technical Traders Ltd., joins Tom Bodrovics at Palisade Radio to discuss the markets and Chris says, “This is the time to really be paying attention to the...
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    Ahron Young, the founder, and the host has an incredible background in media. His new media company is the next big source for quality unbias analysis.

    “TickerTV isn’t...
  13. Real Estate Crash Is The Next Shoe To Drop


    The past few weeks and months have been very interesting to see how the global central banks and governments have attempted to position themselves ahead of this COVID-19 virus event. We...
  14. Precious Metals Are About To Reset Like In 2008

    For years, many Gold Bugs (investors who’ve been advocatingbuying Gold and Silver at low prices as a hedge against future global economicrisks) were shunned as conspiracy theorists and nuts. How...
  15. Founder of TradersWorld Magazine Issued Special Report for Free

    Larry Jacobs owner and editor of TradersWorld magazine published a free special report with his top article and market forecast to his readers yesterday.
    What is really exciting is that this...
  16. Concerned That Asia Could Blow A Hole In Future Economic Recovery

    Thinking somewhat far off into the future, our researchers believe China/Asia could become the next Black Hole in the global economy. China recently released its March PMI number which came in at...
  17. Is Silver & Gold Mirroring 1999 to 2011 Again?


    _ Gold prices begin to rally moderately while pushing the Gold/Silver ratio higher over an extended period of time (from 1999 to 2003: about 4 years).
    _ The Gold/Silver ratio peaks and...
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    The end of February was brutal for traders that were not prepared for the breakdown in the US stock markets. The breakdown in price actually started on February 20th and 21st. Most traders didn’t...
  19. Gold Sets Up For Another Massive Move Higher

    Weekly Gold Price Pattern from 2007 – 2017


    This chart, below, highlights the downside price rotation that took place just before and as the US stock markets collapsed in late 2008 and...
  20. Has the Equities Waterfall Event Started Or A Buying Opportunity?

    Daily Dow Jones Industrial Chart


    This Daily Dow Jones Industrial chart highlights the huge Gap lower that took place early on Monday, February 24, 2020. This huge move resulted from an...
  21. Is The Energy Sector Setting Up Another Great Entry?

    With US oil production near highs and a shift taking place toward electric and hybrid vehicles, the US and global demand for oil has fallen in recent years. By our estimates, the two biggest factors...
  22. When Oil Collapses Below $40 What Happens? PART III

    This, the final section of this multi-part research article, will continue our exploration of the consequences that may result from our ADL predictive modeling system’s suggestion that Oil may...
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    We believe this type of global commodity price collapse, essentially collapse in oil revenues for many global nations could present a very real crisis in our future. Most of the oil-producing...
  24. What happens To The Global Economy If Oil Collapses Below $40

    Currently, commodity prices are the cheapest they’ve been in over 40 years compared to equity prices. US Equities have continued to rise over the past 7+ years due to a number of external processes....
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    Our research team has been attempting to answer the question that seems to be on everyone’s minds right now – are we setting up another Black Monday type of event in the global markets and what...
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