Emotional Trading

The markets do not care how much effort you put in or how hard you work, nor whether you get lucky or not. It is possible to make profits or losses over long periods of time just by having unusually good or bad luck. As humans we tend to feel we either deserve something or we do not.

How to Determine if You Are Overtrading

If my description of these negative feeling strikes a chord with you, you may be overtrading.
The second thing to consider is the statistical basis of your entry strategy.

The Pareto Principle

Here is the golden rule of overtrading: the market does not give many good opportunities.

Be Picky with Trade Entries

You cannot force the market to give you an opportunity, you can only be ready to exploit the opportunities it gives you.

How to Stop Overtrading

Try to see every day you do not trade as a day when you did not lose any money, unlike most other traders, and be proud of yourself for resisting temptation.