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Letís talk about sex

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by , 06-15-2014 at 04:35 PM (1184 Views)
Letís talk about sex

Menno van der Meulen's Normal oder pervers

If there were an equivalent in the art world of the Literary Reviewís Bad Sex in Fiction award, then there would surely be plenty of nominations: Alberto Vargas? John Vettriano? Jeff Koons? Tracey Emin? But this is exactly what Galerie Nasty Alice in Eindhoven, is trying to avoid. ďExhibition SexĒ (until 26 July) features work by home-grown talent, including the photographer Menno van der Meulen, the video artist and performer Jolanda Jansen and the sculptor Jeroen Kool, as well as international names, such as French installation artist Julia Boix-Vives, gallerist and visual artist Karin Jannsen from the UK, and the painters Katarzyna Kukula and Agata Kus from Poland. Acknowledging that sex is a difficult subject in artótoo overt and itís deemed porn; too coy and itís seen as lacking the courage of its convictionsóthe gallery aims to be outspoken and truthful in its current show.

Published online: 15 June 2014


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