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  1. Katy Perry Comments on Kanye West’s Presidential Run

    by , 07-12-2020 at 11:20 AM
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    Katy Perry offered her opinion about Kanye West running for president in a virtual interview with the U.K.'s Hits Radio on Friday (July 10).

    The pop star, who called in for a 16-minute video chat about topics including her upcoming album, being in quarantine, her pregnancy and her dog's birthday, was prompted with the question: "We all know that 2020's one of the weirdest years so far ... How do you feel about Kanye West making it ...
  2. Katy Perry has released new song “Smile”

    by , 07-11-2020 at 11:46 AM
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    Katy Perry has released uplifting new song “Smile,” the title track from her upcoming fifth album. Smile will be released on August 14th via Capitol.

    Over an upbeat, dance-driven groove to match the positive vibes of the lyrics, Perry extols the virtue of perseverance after suffering setbacks where every day feels like “Groundhog Day” and “going through motions felt so fake.” Ultimately, all the rejection and hard-won lessons pay off, as ...
  3. Katy Perry Says She'll Vote Naked

    by , 10-07-2016 at 01:27 AM
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    Katy Perry just teamed up with Funny or Die and Rock the Vote to release a new video in which she's encouraging people to go to polls and vote, according to Huffington Post. In the comical video, Perry slides out of bed and goes to her local polling place with messy hair that appears to have multiple things stuck in it, such as a lollipop and gum.

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  4. Katy Perry Responds To 'Catfish' Man - "You know, like, my heart goes out to..."

    by , 09-04-2016 at 08:19 AM
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    Spencer Morrill, who had been fooled into thinking he had been corresponding with Katy Perry for six years has received her sympathy. Morrill had believed that he was dating the pop star. In describing his relationship with Perry, he stated, "She's awesome. Katy's funnier than I am, she's smarter than I am. I don't know how many people give her credit for that . . ."

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  5. Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

    by , 01-25-2016 at 09:39 PM
    Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

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    Katy Perry Loves Coloring Her Hair!

    I’m naturally the most boring dishwater squirrel brown,” Katy told Glamour. “So I’ve been playing with colors since I was 15. I loved the grunge green, and shocking blue was fun. Colored hair is such a huge accessory that you don’t even need to add extra stuff.”

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