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  1. Stocks To Trade In December - Metatrader 5

    by , 11-21-2019 at 11:32 AM
    Here are the Dow stocks that are likely to outperform in the month of December.

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    Of the top 15, these stocks show rising weekly dynamic cycles for at least 21 days in December and are considered buys for the month:
    • UTX
    • XOM
    • TRV
    • DIS
    • MMM
    • V
    • KO

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    Regarding the weakest 15, these stocks show declining weekly cycles and are suitable short sales:
    • CSCO
    • CAT
  2. DJIA Above 28,000: Here’s A Handicap Of Each Dow Stock

    by , 11-18-2019 at 07:59 PM
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    The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended last week just above 28,000 with only three components setting all-time intraday highs: Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT) and United Technologies (UTX).

  3. Stocks To Trade In November

    by , 10-28-2019 at 12:24 PM
    Cycles select the best November stock recommendations.

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    For the month of November, this concept is applied. First, the Dow Jones 30 stocks were ranked from the best performer to the worst by calculating the percent of Octobers in which the stock rose in that month. The top 15 were screened in the following manner. If the weekly cycle pointed up, the stock is considered a buy. In order to qualify, the weekly cycle had to rise for at least ...
  4. Can An October Rate Cut Really Help Stocks?

    by , 10-08-2019 at 12:40 PM
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    The stock market’s reaction to the September rate cut was forecast in advance by the deterioration in the market internals. Expectations are high, after last week ISM Manufacturing Index, that we will see another rate cut at the end of the month, but will it really help the stock market?

  5. 'There's Nothing Wrong With The Crypto Markets,' Says Crypto Asset Manager

    by , 02-06-2018 at 12:57 PM
    Investors have pointed to many different factors as causes for the drop. “At first, people said it was Bitcoin futures expiring,” says Kyle Samani, managing partner at Austin-based crypto investment firm Multicoin Capital. Some have cited reports that China is planning to ban crypto-asset trading on all exchanges, including those based in other countries. Others discussed impending U.S. regulation or claimed that people were selling to pay taxes, according to Samani. And Monday’s steep drop in the ...
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