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  1. Missing Picasso Possibly Found In Romania

    by , 11-20-2018 at 05:34 AM

    An image shows the paintings stolen from the Netherlands' Kunsthal museum in 2012 — including Picasso's Tęte d'Arlequin at bottom right. Two Dutch citizens claim to have found the missing Picasso work, Romanian prosecutors said on Sunday.

    A painting by Pablo Picasso that was stolen from a Dutch museum six years ago may have resurfaced in ...
  2. Painter Romaine Brooks Challenged Conventions In Shades Of Gray

    by , 08-25-2016 at 03:18 PM

    A wealthy American living in Paris, Romaine Brooks had the freedom to paint whatever and however she wanted. Don't let her sober, 1923 Self-Portrait fool you — Smithsonian curator Virginia Mecklenburg says in the 1910s and 1920s, Brooks and her circle of friends had plenty of fun in Paris.

    Twentieth century painter Romaine Brooks introduces ...
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